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This document integrates the two documents mentioned in the Foreword and that have already been published: one prepared by FAO and the other by the World Bank and UNDP.

The FAO document was prepared by Mr James Winpenny of the Overseas Development Institute, London, and incorporates original material on policy analysis by Mr B.G. Appelgren, on legal aspects by Mr S. Burchi, and on economic analysis by Mr R. Stringer.

The World Bank/UNDP document was prepared by Ashok Subramanian, Mel Xie and Sandra Giltner, under the leadership of Guy Le Moigne (Senior Adviser, Water Resources, World Bank) and Frank Hartvelt (Deputy Director, Division of Science, Technology and the Private Sector, UNDP).

The synthesis of the two documents, undertaken by Hugh Turral, of the Overseas Development Institute, London, benefited substantially from the comments made by the experts participating in the Expert Consultation on Methodology for Water Policy Review and Reform, held in FAO, Rome, in January 1995.

Final editing for style and consistency and preparation for printing was by Thorgeir Lawrence, under the technical guidance of B.G. Appelgren.

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