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Selected programmes in support of women in agriculture, forestry and fisheries

Selected programmes in support of women in agriculture, forestry and fisheries

Legal and Policy Reform

· The Land Tenure Commission, instituted in late 1993, addresses questions related to land rights. individual and groups of women have presented evidence of their lack of legal access to adequate land in the communal areas. However, there is only one women commissioner out of the 12 commission members.

· The Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA) research project and Women in Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF) are two NGOs that carry out research on women's legal situation in Zimbabwe, as well as activities in the areas of legal literacy, awareness building and legal and policy reform.

Access to Agricultural Resources and Services

· A Communal Land Re-Organization Programme is addressing constraints faced at village level in regard to water and fuel supply and sustainable agriculture.

· The Small-Scale Irrigation Programme is designed to implement irrigation schemes at community level to mitigate the effects of drought and to increase land productivity.

· The Forestry Commission and the Department of Natural Resources are implementing programmes to promote women's increased participation in the sustainable management of woodlands and land resources, including agroforestry and fruit tree production, and in the use of wetlands.

· The Agricultural Recovery Programme is designed to cushion the effects of the Economic Structural Adjustment Programmes by issuing free inputs to communal land households.

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