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SUNDAY 22 NOVEMBER 1992 Opening session

Keynote address

· Nematology and nematode introductions to the Near East region: impact on productivity and plant protection resources, Dr B.A. Oteifa

Session I

Chair: Dr B. Kerry
Co-chair: Dr W.I. Abu-Gharbieh

· Nematology in developing countries: problems and progress, Dr F. Lamberti
· Nematology in Cyprus, Dr J. Philis
· Nematology in Egypt, Dr M.A. El-Sherif
· Nematology in Iran, Dr S. Barooti


Session II

Chair: Dr S.R. Gowen
Co-chair: Dr M.H. Soomaro

· Techniques and methodologies for nematode disease diagnosis and nematode identification, Dr M.R. Siddiqi

· Nematode population dynamics, thresholds and estimation of losses, Dr D.L. Trudgill

· Nematology in Iraq, Dr Z.A. Stephan

· Nematology in Jordan, Dr W.I. Abu-Gharbieh

Session III

Chair: Dr F. Lamberti
Co-chair: Dr I. Philis

· Chemical control of nematodes, its efficiency and side-effects, Dr S.R. Gowen
· Nematology in Libya, Dr E.A. Edongoloi
· Problems and perspectives in nematology, Dr D.L. Trudgill


Session IV

Chair: Dr M.R. Siddiqi
Co-chair: Dr M.A. El-Sherif

· Biological control of nematodes: prospects and opportunities, Dr B. Kerry
· Alternate strategies for nematode control towards sustainable agriculture, Dr S.R. Gowen
· Nematology in Pakistan, Dr M.A. Maqbool
· Nematology in Sudan, Dr A.M. Yassin

Session V

Chair: Dr D.L. Trudgill
Co-chair: Dr Z.A. Stephan

· Opportunities in integrated pest management for nematode control in the Near East, Dr K.R. Barker
· Nematology in Saudi Arabia, Dr A.S. Al-Hazmi
· Nematology in Turkey, Dr M.E. Okten


Session VI

Chair: Dr K.R. Barker
Co-chair: Dr B.A. Oteifa
Round-table discussions, conclusions and recommendations

Session VII

Adoption of Report
Closure of the consultation

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