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Domestication and commercialization of non-timber forest products in agroforestry systems

Non-Wood Forest Products 9

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Reprinted 1998

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Table of Contents

Linkages between domestication and commercialization of non-timber forest products: implications for agroforestry
R.R.B. Leakey and A-M.N. Izac

ICRAF's strategy for domestication of non-wood tree products
A.J. Simons

Integrating the assessment of non-wood forest products into the forest inventory of a large area: experiences from Nepal
Christoph Kleinn,1 Risto Laamanen2 and Samar Bahadur Malla3

Sow's ears and silk purses-non-timber forest product identification, assessment, and monitoring
H. Gyde Lund

Uncultivated plants for human nutrition in Côte d'Ivoire
F. Herzog, D. Gautier-Béguin & K. Müller

Use and commercialization of non-timber forest products in western Burkina Faso
Niéyidouba Lamien, Amadou Sidibe and Jules Bayala

Utilization of non-timber tree products in dryland areas: examples from southern and eastern Africa
Marion Karmann and Ingrid Lorbach

A holistic approach to the domestication and commercialization of non-timber forest products
Frank Taylor, Stanley M. Mateke and Karen J. Butterworth

Flavours, spices and edible gums: opportunities for integrated agroforestry systems
Joseph Hulse

Indigenous enterprise for the domestication of trees and the commercialization of their fruits
Mary Melnyk

Promoting the cultivation of indigenous plants for markets: experiences from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Myles Mander, Jenny Mander & Charles Breen

Shea nut (Vitellaria paradoxa) production and collection in agroforestry parklands of Burkina Faso
J-M.Boffa, G. Yaméogo, P. Nikiéma and D.M. Knudson

Inventory and future management strategies of multipurpose tree and herb species for non-timber forest products in Nepal
S.P. Sah and I.C. Dutta

Economic factors in farmer adoption of forest product activities
J.E.M. Arnold

Domestication of valuable tree species in agroforestry systems: evolutionary stages from gathering to breeding
K.F. Wiersum

Agroforests as an alternative to pure plantations for the domestication and commercialization of NTFPs
G. Michon and H. de Foresta

Production and commercialization of gum arabic in Sudan
Abul Gasim Seif el Din and Manar Zarroug

Domestication and crop development of Duboisia spp. (Solanaceae)
Wulf Ohlendorf

Utilization of local fruit in wine making in Malawi
Timothy N. Ngwira

Domestication of the bush mango (Irvingia spp.): some exploitable intraspecific variations in west and central Africa
David O. Ladipo, J.M. Fondoun & N. Ganga

Domestication of mushrooms from the miombo woodlands:current status and crucial issues for agroforestry
Esron Munyanziza

Development of Coleus forskohlii as a medicinal crop
Virbala Shah and B.S. Kalakoti

Non-timber forest products marketing: field testing of the marketing information system methodology
Abwoli Y. Banana

Croton megalocarpus, the poultry-feed tree: how local knowledge could help to feed the world
Rik Thijssen

Markets, policies, and institutions in NTTP trade: nothing is perfect
Thomas P Tomich

An introduction to selected FAO programmes related to non-wood forest products
Leo Lintu


1. Assessment and monitoring of non-timber forest products

2. Indigenous knowledge and ethnobotany

3. Product development and management

4. Product domestication and adoption by farmers

5. Policy and institutional aspects


Jean Koudou

Ajay Mahapatra and C.P. Mitchell

Wolfgang L. Werner

Sirajul Islam

Sheila S. Mude

M. Slingerland & K.F. Wiersum

Carsten S. Olsen

Arsenio E. Ella

Shyamal K. Roy

R. Murali and J.G. Mwangi

Swayambhu M. Amatya

Patrick van Damme, J. de Wolf, V. van den Eynden, J. van Winghem

Tshimala-Tshibangu, C.P. Ngeh and D. Bene

Fergus Sinclair

Anja O. Buwalda, Robert Otsyina and V. Souza-Machado

List of participants