Medicinal plants for conservation and health care

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Table of contents


Sir Ghillean Prance, Director, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.

G.C. Bodeker, Chairman, Global Initiative for Traditional Systems of Health.

Part I: General Articles covering Global Issues

Forest based medicines in traditional and cosmopolitan health care
A.P. van Seters

Ethnobotanical research and traditional health care in developing countries
M. Balick and P. A. Cox

Between a rock and a hard place: Indigenous peoples, nation states
and the multinationals
G. Dutfield

Industrial utilisation of medicinal plants in developing countries
T. de Silva

Trade in Medicinal Plants
S.E. Kuipers

Medicinal plant information databases
K.K.S. Bhat

Part II: Articles on Regional Aspects of Medicinal Plants Use Biodiversity - People Interface in Nepal
N. Bhattarai

Beyond the Biodiversity Convention - the challenges facing
the bio-cultural heritage of India's medicinal plants
D. Shankar and B. Majumdar

A biocultural medicinal plants conservation project in Sri Lanka
L. de Alwis

Utilisation and conservation of medicinal plants in China with special reference to Atractylides lancea
S-A. He and N. Sheng

An Africa-wide overview of medicinal plant harvesting, conservation and health care
A.B. Cunningham

Biodiversity conservation and the application of Amazonian medicinal plants in the control of malaria.
W. Milliken

Bulgarian model for regulating the trade in plant material for medicinal and other purposes
D. Lange and M. Mladenova

Phytomedicinal forest harvest in the United States
J. A. Duke