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7. Conclusions

Conflict resolution is an integral part of ICAM; its fundamental objective being to resolve those conflicts among the various users of the coastal area that can lead to the deterioration of its valuable resources and environment.

As can be seen from the above overview of the various dispute resolution mechanisms available to deal with conflicts, ADR techniques (see Table E.1), such as negotiation and mediation, can offer particular advantages over the more traditional contentious methods, such as litigation. Furthermore, it is evident that these alternative techniques are particularly suitable for resolving the sort of conflicts that typically arise in ICAM.

The positive experience of a number of developed countries in applying alternative dispute resolution techniques in this context suggest that ICAM planners should seriously consider explicitly incorporating ADR mechanisms into their ICAM programmes. Although there are, as yet, fewer examples of the use of ADR in developing countries, the potential for its use here is great, not least because of the significant savings in time and money that it can bring about.

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