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1. Introduction

1. Introduction

1.1 Objectives

The primary objective of this study is to analyse and assess woodfuel consumption in the household sector on the basis of the 1994 wood consumption survey data. Under this generalized objective the terms of reference identified the following:

1.2 Methodology

Woodfuel consumption covers consumption of firewood, charcoal, dukhan wood and other biomass (namely agricultural residues and saw-dust). The analysis of the woodfuel situation in the household sector will be based only on the 1994 consumption survey data and covers three major aspects:

For the above three aspects a common analytical framework will be used for the analysis. The common analytical framework has a set of parameters namely:

The 1994 national Survey data forms the basis of the analysis. The survey sampled 7500 households drawn from 53 provinces in Northern Sudan.

1.3 Report organization

The report is composed of five chapters and an executive summary. Chapter one as an introduction addressing the report objectives, methodology used and its organization. Woodfuel consumption patterns are analysed in Chapter Two. chapter three review the 1994 current woodfuel consumption as appeared from the 1993/94 consumption survey. Supply management issues and resource requirements are discussed in chapter four. Chapter five is conclusions.

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