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Report of the workshop

Report of the workshop

IDAF Programme set up a Working Group on the Role of Women in Fishing Communities in 1995. At the 9th LOM in Conakry Guinea, studies carried out by the members of the working group in 11 fishing communities in 8 countries were discussed. Reports of the activities of the Working Group as well as the national workshop on Gender awareness in the Gambia which was co-organized by IDAF Programme, Management Development Institute (MDI) and the Fisheries Department of the Gambia constitute the working documents for the present Workshop.

The moderator of the workshop, Mrs I. Touray of the MDI, opened up the workshop by presenting the theoretical aspects:

The participants were then divided into three groups to discuss the socio-cultural, technico-economic, and institutional and legal issues respectively. The gender dimension within each of these areas was reviewed. In each group problems related to the activities of men and women in artisanal fisheries were discussed and prioritized.

With regards to socio-cultural issues, the participants noted that:

Based on these considerations and conclusions, the participants recommended:

For the technico-economic Working group the problems were classified according to the following issues.

In order to address the problems, the participants recommended:

The Working Group on institutional and legal issues discussed the questions related to: access to training, access to ownership and financial markets, socio-professional and institutional relationships between Fisheries Administration and other bodies/agencies, legal constraints and entry barriers, and presence of women in Fisheries Administrations.

The participants recommended:

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