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This report derives its basic information on the conservation status of palms from the plants database of the World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC), Cambridge, U.K. The assistance of Harriet Gillett of WCMC is gratefully acknowledged. The preparation of this report also draws upon data collected by the IUCN/SSC Palm Specialist Group in the course of preparing an action plan on palm conservation and sustained utilization (see Johnson, 1996).

I wish to thank the following individuals who contributed information and ideas to this report: Michael Balick, Henrik Balslev, Charles Clement, Neela De Zoysa, John Dowe, John Dransfield, Patrick Durst, Andrew Henderson, Don Hodel, Francis Kahn, Jane MacKnight, Mónica Moraes, Jean-Christophe Pintaud, C. Renuka, Natalie Uhl, Jane Villa-Lobos and Scott Zona.

Dennis V. Johnson

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