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Additional information sources

Palm Journals And Newsletters

Palm Videos

Organization Computer Home Pages And E-Mail Addresses

Objectives, services and publications of this intergovernmental
commodity organization.

Information on growth of cold-hardy palms including sources of planting material.

Cultivation information on frost-hardy palm species.

General information on the society, which has as its objective the study of
palms and the dissemination of information about them.

Objectives, services and staff of this research and development organization.

General information on the societies, which have as their objectives to promote
propagation and cultivation of palms and cycads, education and dissemination
of knowledge, scientific study and conservation of endangered species in the wild.

Information on native and exotic palms grown in Brazil (in Portuguese)

Information on growing palms from the Florida Agricultural Information
Retrieval System

Cultivation information on palms suitable for the Queensland Coast, Australia.

Information on selected palms, sources of planting material and publications.

Information on all aspects of the African oil palm industry in Malaysia
and other countries.

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