Oportunidades de generación de electricidad a partir de biomasa

15 al 19 de marzo de 1999

São Paulo, Brasil

El objetivo del curso es colaborar en la formación de recursos humanos para el desarrollo de proyectos de mejora en la eficiencia para la generación de la energía a partir de biomasa en las empresas, en particular en el sector azúcar/alcohol, papel/celulosa, alimentos y otros, incluido los procesos de autoproducción, cogeneración y producción independiente de energía. Serán abordados aspectos técnicos, económicos, ambientales e institucionales, en particular dentro del ambiente regulatorio del sector eléctrico del país, con las oportunidades de negociaciones con el Protocolo de Kyoto.

Programa. Tecnologías para generar energía a partir de biomasa:

(Fuente: Red Internet en bioenergía.)

U.S. global change research program seminar series - projected ecosystem changes for the united states under a climate warming

18 March 1999

Washington, DC, USA

What are the projected changes in ecosystems within the United States resulting from a climate warming caused by a doubling of the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere? Which ecosystems appear to prosper and which ecosystems appear to be negatively impacted under such a climate warming? Which regions of the United States are more likely to witness dramatic ecosystem changes, with significant social and economic consequences? How much uncertainty/confidence is there in the various ecosystem model results? (Source:

H. Gyde Lund; e-mail: gklund@worldnet.att.net)

Workshop on land use,
land-use change and forestry

26-28 April 1999

Indianapolis, USA

Mr L.S. Botero, Coordinator, Forest Programmes Coordination and Information Unit (FODA) of FAO's Forestry Department, travelled to Indianapolis to attend the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (SBSTA/UNFCCC) Workshop on Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry. The workshop was attended by 118 experts, including experts from 42 countries and from the following international governmental and non-governmental organizations: IFF Secretariat, UNDP, UNEP, CIFOR, WRI, IUCN, WWF, Greenpeace, Environment/Defense Fund, and other NGOs. The agenda included two main aspects:

The presentations indicated that significant progress had been made in the preparation of the first draft of the report, which was not made available since a number of gaps and cross-chapter issues had to be completed and it was to be discussed the same week at a meeting of lead authors in Washington. The schedule for the preparation of the report is very rigid and does not allow any flexibility for delays in the review of drafts by experts reviewing individual chapters or sections and by governments. The list of reviewers is being drawn up and suggestions were invited.

Subsequent to the discussion in SBSTA in June 2000, the IPCC might have to work on revised IPCC guidelines for reporting, incorporating those aspects related to Articles 3.3 and 3.4 which may be agreed by Parties to the Kyoto Protocol.

It should be noted that the meetings of lead authors are scheduled as follows: 28-30 April in Washington; 23-25 August in Wageningen, the Netherlands; and 11-13 January 2000 (venue to be decided). (Source: Travel report of Mr L.S. Botero.)

International workshop on community forestry in africa - participatory forest management: a strategy for sustainable forest management in africa

26-30 April 1999

Banjul, the Gambia

This workshop was organized by the Gambian Forestry Department, in conjunction with the German Technical Agency for Cooperation (GTZ), with the close technical support of the Community Forestry Unit of FAO Forestry Department.

Fao advisory committee on paper and wood products

São Paulo, Brazil

27-28 April 1999

One of the papers presented at this meeting was Beyond Kyoto - the forest industry and climate change - a story worth telling, by Mr D.A. Barron, Senior Vice-President, Environment, Resources and Technology, Canadian Pulp and Paper Association. The paper can be found at: www.fao.org/waicent/faoinfo/forestry/acpwp/40/Barron.htm

The world sustainable energy fair - sustain '99

25-27 May 1999

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The aim of Sustain '99 was to bring more than 10 000 professionals together in one place for the largest world sustainable energy event ever seen. This three-day event showcased the latest technology available and gave a glimpse of what will be emerging soon within sustainable energy. Leading companies from all over the world displayed the best and latest equipment in the fields of renewable energy, waste to energy, sustainable transport and energy efficiency.

Reunión sobre la contribución forestal para combatir el cambio climático

29 de junio - 2 de julio de 1999

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Forum forests and

atmosphere - water - soil

2-5 July 1999

Soltau, Lüneburger Heide, Germany

The forum is organized in cooperation with the Forest Ecosystem Research Centre, University of Göttingen. In dialogue with all parties concerned, the forum will elaborate recommendations on sustaining the functions of forests as regulators in energy fluxes and matter cycles.

One of the forum's workshops, WSIII, covers the theme "Forests after the Kyoto Protocol - their potential role as sources and sinks of trace gases, particularly carbon dioxide".

Ises 1999 solar world congress

4-9 July 1999

Jerusalem, Israel

The theme of the ISES 1999 Solar World Congress, hosted by the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), is "Solar is Renewable". The congress aims to study carefully the impact of solar and renewable energy sources, as well as other environmental issues, in previous decades and for those to come. One of the many topics to be discussed will be "Biomass energy conversion".

Symposium on energy engineering in the
21st century

9-13 January 2000

China, Hong Kong SAR

This symposium is being organized by the Centre for Energy and Thermal Systems and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

World renewable energy congress vi

Brighton, UK

1-7 July 2000

The congress theme is "Renewables: the Energy for the 21st Century".

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