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The following synthesis is structured and based on the national reports which have been received.

All Mediterranean countries were invited to participate in the project, and national reports were received before the deadline for the preparation of the synthesis from the following:

· Bulgaria (draft)
· Croatia
· Cyprus
· Egypt
· France
· Greece
· Israel
· Italy
· Malta
· Morocco
· Romania
· Spain
· Tunisia
· Turkey

The outline for the national reports, the analysis, and this synthesis were prepared by the project team, which comprised the consultants Michael New (team leader) and Amedeo Freddi, together with FAO staff Mario Pedini (FIRI) and Cristina Leria (LEG). Messrs J. Catanzano (IFREMER) and A. Bonzon (FAO/FIPP) participated in the preparation of the outlines of the national reports, and valuable comments were also received from S. Cataudella, Chairman of the GFCM Committee on Aquaculture.

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