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A draft version of this statistics compendium was presented to the Seventeenth Session of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission (Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 23 - 27 February 1998) and was sent to country correspondents for the Asia-Pacific Forestry Sector Outlook Study. Recipients of the draft compendium were asked to review the data for their countries, to provide alternative statistics where necessary and to supply any other statistical information which, they felt, was missing and would be useful for the study. Comments, corrections and additional statistical information were received from the following countries: Myanmar; Republic of Korea; Mongolia; China; and Pakistan. All of these comments and extra information have been incorporated into this document. FAO wishes to acknowledge and express its appreciation for the assistance of countries and the efforts of their correspondents with the compilation of the statistics presented in this document.

While countries were commenting on the draft version of the compendium, FAO staff were also working on updating and checking the data series presented here. The statistics presented in Volume I have been rechecked, reedited and revised to present more recent and more accurate data and the time-series presented in Volume II have been extended so that they now end at 1997 instead of 1995. An effort has also been made to make the compendium more user friendly. FAO staff involved in the compilation and editing of this compendium include: Mauro Paolozzi; Franco Pontecorvi and Linda Ransom, all of whom work in the Forestry Policy and Planning Division.

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