The fao/netherlands conference on the multifunctional character of agriculture and land

12-17 September 1999
Maastricht, the Netherlands

Participants from more than 100 countries and around 50 intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations met in order to discuss the multifunctional character of agriculture and land (MFCAL).

The overall objective of the Maastricht Conference was to identify the new practices and the necessary enabling environments that would lead to increased agricultural sustainability. Particular emphasis was on raising international, national and local awareness of the range, diversity and positive potential of the multiple contributions that agriculture and related land use can make to improving both food security and sustainability in the broad sense.

The principle tasks of the conference were to:

For more information, please contact: Mr Gustavo Best, Senior Energy Coordinator, Environment and Natural Resources Service, Research, Extension and Training Division, Sustainable Development Department, FAO.
e-mail: mailto:gustavo.best@fao.org

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Energy sector monitoring and verification of greenhouse gas emissions

13 September - 1 October 1999
Berkeley, California, USA

The course provided professionals from emerging economies with the in-depth training and hands-on experience they need to monitor, verify and report on greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector.

For more information, please contact: Mr Mark Murray, Team Leader and CTO or Ms Nohemi Zerbi, Deputy Team Leader, Energy & Environment Training Program, USAID G/ENV/EET, Washington, DC 20523-3800, USA.
Fax: +1 202/216 3230;
e-mail: mmurray@usaid.gov


Renewable Energy Finance Forum

27-28 September 1999
London, UK

"Perhaps the greatest challenge - and opportunity - of the twenty-first century is to meet the world's ever increasing energy demands, by sustainable means. Those who recognize the opportunity and rise to the challenge will reap substantial rewards."

The European Commission's framework supporting the integration of renewable energy technologies has set an objective of 12 percent for the contribution by renewable sources of energy to the European Union's gross inland energy consumption by 2010. In order to double the present level of 6 percent market penetration, the Commission has recognized the necessity of implementing a radical framework of internal market measures in the regulatory and fiscal areas. It is estimated that 75 to 80 percent of the capital required to achieve this would have to come from private sources.

In recent years there has been an acceleration in the development of renewable energy technologies, in terms of both efficiency and economic viability. Many renewables are already competitive alternatives to conventional sources of energy. However, as with many other innovations, they suffer from an initial lack of confidence on the part of investors, governments and end users. For this reason, the principal objective of the Renewable Energy Finance Forum was to familiarize investors with the economic potential of this growth industry. The forum provided a panel of leading experts in energy finance, illustrating the innovative strategies required of renewable energy projects.

The global annual turnover of the renewable energy sector is estimated to be higher than ECU 5 billion, of which Europe has more than a one-third share. Investments will have to be made by both the private and public sectors. These will provide multiple dividends as Europe's industry and service companies demonstrate their technological leadership in a globally competitive market. At the same time, the increasingly liberalized and globalized energy markets present new opportunities.

For more information, please contact: Euromoney Energy Events, Euromoney Institutional Investor Plc, Nestor House, Playhouse Yard, London EC4V 5EX, UK.
Fax: +44 171 779 8946;e-mail:


Reunión regional sobre la contribución del sector forestal a la mitigación del cambio climático

4 al 6 de octubre de 1999
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Para más información, dirigirse a Sr. Miguel Trossero.

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Expert consultation on `wood energy, climate and health'

7-9 October 1999
Phuket, Thailand

The consultation was organized by FAO's Regional Wood Energy Programme in Asia (RWEDP). About 20 experts from Asia, Europe and the United States analysed and discussed emission aspects of wood/biomass energy use in the context of global warming and health problems.

For more information, please contact: Mr Wim Hulscher, Chief Technical Adviser, RWEDP-GCP/RAS/154/NET, c/o RAP, Maliwan Mansion, Phra Atit Road, Bangkok 10200, Thailand.
Fax: +66 2 280 0760;
e-mail: RWEDP@fao.org;

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Taller internacional sobre energía y caña de azúcar

19 al 21 de octubre de 1999
Dominica, República Dominicana

Se desarrolló un taller internacional "Caña de azúcar: una agenda multidimensional para el siglo XXI" en la República Dominicana, para analizar integralmente el sector cañero desde una perspectiva agronómica, tecnológica, ambiental y energética. Ponencias relacionadas a los aspectos energéticos se enfocaron en el futuro de los programas de la producción del alcohol, la bioenergía y el protocolo de Kyoto, y la cogeneración.

El taller fue organizado por el Grupo de Países Latinoamericanos y del Caribe Exportadores de Azúcar (Geplacea) y la FAO con la cooperación del Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura (IICA) y del Gobierno de la República Dominicana.

El programa del evento está disponible en: www.fao.org/sd/egdirect, donde las presentaciones y las conclusiones del evento se publicarán luego.

Para publicaciones de la FAO sobre caña de azúcar, cogeneración y el protocolo de Kyoto también visite: www.fao.org/forestry/fop/fopw/energy/public-e.stm

Para más información, dirigirse a Sr. Gustavo Best, Coordinador Principal de Energía, Servicio del Medio Ambiente y los Recursos Naturales, Dirección de Investigación, Extensión y Capacitación, Departamento de Desarrollo Sostenible, FAO, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Roma, Italia.
Fax: +39 06 57053369;
Correo electrónico:


Workshop on wood energy in industrialized countries

19-20 November 1999
Graz, Austria

Organized by Biosphere, Climate and Economy (BIOCLIMECO), Germany, the workshop discussed "wood energy in the industrialized world: present status and potential contribution to CO2 mitigation - technology, economy and policy issues".

For more information, please contact: Mr M. Rohner, J.W. Goethe University, Department of Economics (Fach 62), D-60054 Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany.
Fax: +49 6109 762034;
e-mail: rohner@wiwi.uni-frankfurt.de


Forum international sur la biomasse-energie pour le developpement et l'environnement: quelles perspectives pour l'afrique?

22-26 novembre 1999
Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

Pour plus de détails, veuillez contacter: Mme. Francine Bolduc, Institut de l'Energie et de l'Environnement de la Francophonie (IEPF), 56 rue St. Pierre, 3e étage, Québec G1K 4Ai, Canada.
Télécopie: +1 418 692 6544 ;



Harmonization of international energy statistics

24 November 1999
Paris, France

Organized by the International Energy Agency, the main objectives of the meeting were to: examine similarities and differences in definitions and methodologies; examine ways and means to reduce the differences; examine possibilities of further harmonization of international questionnaires in order to reduce the burden for the member states; and facilitate data exchange and comparability between international organizations.

For more information, please contact: Mr Sohbet Karbuz, International Energy Agency, 9 rue de la Fédération, 75739 Paris cedex 15, France.
Fax: +33 1 40 57 66 49;


Millennium international conference on renewable energy technologies

9-11 February 2000
Chennai, India

For more information, please contact: Dr C. Palaniappan, Organizing Secretary, Millennium International Conference on Renewable Energy Technologies, Planters Energy Network, 171/2, M.K. University Road, Rajambadi, Madurai 625 021, India.
Fax: +91 452 858607;
e-mail: pen@vsnl.com; or pen@md3.vsnl.net.in


The role of boreal forests and forestry in the global carbon budget

8-12 May 2000
Edmonton, Canada

This conference, which is sponsored by the Canadian Forest Service in conjunction with the International Boreal Forest Research Association, will focus on the current scientific understanding of forest carbon dynamics in the circumpolar boreal region.

For more information, please contact: Carbon Conference Coordinator, 5320-122 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6H 3S, Canada. Fax: +1 780 453 7356;
e-mail: mailto:carbon@nofc.forestry.ca

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First world conference and exhibition on biomass for energy and industry

5-9 June 2000
Seville, Spain

Jointly organized by EnergiaTA-Florence and WIP-Munich in collaboration with CIEMAT-Madrid, the First World Biomass is expected to become the largest and most outstanding event in the worldwide biomass sector. It will gather together for the first time the traditional European Conference on Biomass for Energy and Industry and the Biomass Conference of the Americas.

For more information, please contact: EnergiaTA-Florence, Piazza Savonarola 10, 50132 Florence, Italy.
Fax: +39 055 573425.


International symposium on alcoholic fuels

3-6 July 2000
Stockholm, Sweden

For more information, please contact: Mr Lars Vallander, Swedish National Energy Administration, Energimyndigheten, Box 310, SE-631 04 Eskilstuna, Sweden.
Fax: +46 16 544 2099;
e-mail: lars.vallander@stem.se

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