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14. Annexes

14. Annexes

14.1. List of Participants Bangladesh

Mrs. Asma Parveen

Tel: (Off.) 880-2-605953

Assistant Conservator of Forests

(Res.) 880-2419965

Forests Department

Fax: 880-2-605923

Bana Bhaban


Mohakhali, Dhaka


Dr. Lulu Bilquis Banu

Tel: (Off.) 880-2-506335

Senior Scientific Officer

(Res.) 880-2-862309

Institute of Fuel Research and Devpt.

Fax: (Res.) 880-2-860220

Bangladesh Council of Scientific


and Industrial Research (BCSIR)


100/A Crescent Road


Green Road, Dhanmandi, Dhaka 1205


Ms. Hassan Banu

Tel: (Off.) 880-2-811898

General Manager

(Res.) 880-2-868490,500101

Centre for Mass Education in Science (CMES)

Fax: 880-2-803559

37/C, Asad Avenue, Muhammadpur






Ms. Deki Yangzom

Tel: 975-2-23618

Sector Officer

Fax: 975-2-22279

Technical Planning Unit


Division of Power


Ministry of Trade & Industry




Ms. Durga Devi Sharma

Tel: 975-2-29325

Lecturer, Forestry Sector

Fax: 975-2-29326

c/o Natural Resources Training Institute


Ministry of Agriculture


Lobesa, Thimphu


Mr. Mincha Wangdi

Tel: (Off.) 975-2-22056

Environment Education Officer

Fax: 975-2-23189

Royal Society for the Protection of Nature


P.O. Box 325, Thimphu




Dr. (Ms.) Natarajan Jayalakshmi

Tel: (Off.) 91-0422-431222 Ext. 276

Assistant Professor

(Res.) 91 -0422-431205

Department of Bio-Energy

Fax: 91 -0422431672

College of Agriculture Engineering


Tamilnadu, Agricultural University


Coimbatore 641 003




Ms. Fathimath Inala

Tel: (Off.) 960-323687

Project Officer

(Res.) 960-327528

Ministry of Youth Women's Affairs and Sports

Fax: 960-316237

5th Floor, Umar Shopping Arcade


Chandanee Magu, Male 20-05


Ms. Aishath Niyaf

Tel: (Off.) 960-322625


(Res.) 960-327278

Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture

Fax: 960-326558

Ghazee Building


Ameer Ahmed Magu, Male 20-05


Mr. Mohamed Shujau

Tel: (Off.) 960-325621

Executive Committee Member

(Res.) 960-325717


Fax: 960-327808, 313669

Roma, Gandhakoalhi Magu, Maafannu


Male 20-01




Mr. Kusheshwar Jha

Tel: (Off.) 977-1-227699

Senior Division Engineer

Fax: 977-1-227185

Water and Energy Commission


Secretariat (WECS)


G.P.O. Box No. 1340, Singh Durbar




Mr. Kamal Bhakta Shrestha

Tel: (Off.) 977-1-220303

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

(Res.) 977-1419367

His Majesty Govt. of Nepal


Forest Department


Babar Mahal, Kathmandu




Dr. Habib Gul

Tel: (Off.) 0521-842178

Deputy Director

(Res.) 0521 -45105

Pakistan Council of Appropriate


Technology (PCAT)


Ministry of Science & Technology Govt. of Pakistan


Gulshanabad Colony


P.O. Tehkal Bala, Peshawar


Ms. Irfat Roohi Hunzai

Tel:(Off.) 0572-2480

Project Forester in Aga Khan Rural Support Prog.

(Res.) 0572-2529, 2951

The Aga Khan Rural Support Programme

Fax: 0572-2779

Regional Programme Office


Babal Road, Gilgit


Ms. Mamoona Wali Mohammad Khawaja

Tel: (Off.) 0521-841879, 40580

Lecturer in Forestry (LIF)

(Res.) 0521-42641

Forest Education Division

Fax: 0521-275618

Pakistan Forest Institute (PFI)

Email: kms@dg,



Mr. Malik Mohammad Khan

Tel: (Off.) 92-51-490478

Conservator of Forests, Rawalpindi

Fax: 92-51 -491112

Soan Forest Colony


P.O. Humak


Islamabad 45700


Sri Lanka


Dr. (Mrs.) Anoja Wickramasinghe

Tel: 94-08-88301-5


Fax: 94-08-32517

Department of Geography


University of Peradeniya




Ms. M.D. Kanthi Wijetunga

Tel: (Off.) 94-1-684660

Director (Power and Energy)

(Res.) 94-1-647449

Ministry of Irrigation, Power and Energy


P.O. 500 T.B. Jayah Mawatha


Colombo 01


Mr. P.M. Sunil Silva

Tel: 94-8-32007

Programme Manager

Fax: 94-8-32517

Integrated Development Association


No. 20, Hantane Place




Ms. N.S. Palihawadana

Tel: (Off.) 94-1-866627

Asst. Conservator of Forests

(Res.) 94-1-851094

Department of Forest Conservation

Fax: 94-1-866633

No. 82, Rajamalwatta Road




14.2. List of resource persons



Mr. R.M. Amarasekara

Tel: 94-08-32007

Executive Director

Fax: 94-08-32517



20 Hantana Place


Hantana, Kandy


Sri Lanka




Dr. Govind Kelkar

Tel: 66-2-5245673

Associate Professor & Head

Fax: 66-2-5162126

Gender & Development Studies Center


Asian Institute of Technology


GPO. Box 2754, Bangkok 10501




Dr. D. Nathan

Tel: (Off.) 66-2-5162126

Resource Person

(Res.) 66-2-5246257

c/o Gender & Development Studies Center

Fax: 66-2-5162126

Asian Institute of Technology


GPO. Box 2754, Bangkok 10501






Dr. W. Hulscher

Tel: 66-2-2802760

Chief Technical Adviser

Fax: 66-2-2800760


Email: rwedp@ksc. net. th

Maliwan Mansion


39 Phra Atit Road


Bangkok 10200, Thailand


14.3. List of inaugural speakers

14.4. List of FAO/RWEDP staff

14.5. Participants' information note

RWEDP has organised a Sub-regional Training Course on Women and Wood Energy Development, at FAD-RAP, Bangkok, Thailand, 27 November -1 December.

The Training Course is a follow-up of the Regional Expert Consultation on Gender and Wood Energy in Asia, Chiang Mai, Thailand, June 1995. For the Training Course in Bangkok, participants are invited from the RWEDP-member countries in South-Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka), as well as a limited number of observers.


It is widely recognised that the burden of supplying woodfuels for household use in the region is largely carried by women. These women often suffer from rising prices, decreasing fuel quality and increased difficulty of access to woodfuel sources. Many policy changes in pricing of fossil fuels, conservation of forests, and landuse controls also have a disproportionately negative impact on women, especially women from the lower income groups. In order to mitigate the problems that women in particular, but also other groups, face in connection with wood energy, it is necessary to review any planned interventions in the light of their relative impact on different groups within society: men, women, children, minorities, etc. This is important since the problems of women or any other group cannot be separated from the context in which they occur. The approach is known as a gender approach. In recent years, a large number of analytic and data gathering tools have been developed which can simplify the problem of assessing such differential impacts.

The general objective of the course is to familiarise trainees with the use of gender analytic tools and review and assess their appropriateness. The specific objective is to provide trainees with the means to select, modify or design operational procedures to ensure that gender issues are covered in the project design/appraisal process.


The main subjects in the course programme (all with respect to wood energy development) will be:


The course is intended for higher and middle-level staff from institutions and departments concerned with wood energy planning, policies and strategies in RWEDP member countries in South Asia. Participants will be from the forestry sector, the energy sector and NGOs, i.e. 1 per named category (or equivalent) from each of the RWEDP-member countries in South Asia. They will link to the implementer level of projects and programmes. Females as well as males will be in these categories.

Participants in the course should be nominated by their own organisation in which they hold a relevant position as indicated above, have a good command of English, and be in good health.

Participants are expected to report to RWEDP on follow-up activities in their own organisation. Some participants may be invited for a regional follow-up training sometime in 1996. Participants are invited to bring videos, if available, which link to the subjects of the course.

Nominees should complete the attached nomination form which is to be received by RWEDP before 1 November 1995.


The costs of the course will be covered by RWEDP, including accomodation based on DSA. Participants' travels to and from Bangkok will be covered by RWEDP. Participants are to arrive in Bangkok on Sunday 26 November and depart on Saturday 2 December.

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