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Bibliography - References and further reading

L'Etat Actuel de la Conservation des Eaux et du Sol dans le Sahel,
Chris Reij, Free University Amsterdam, 1989

• brings together all the information that is available on the current state of different SWC programmes in the Sahel. An extensive section on PAF, and a very useful bibliography. (French)

Le Sahel en Lutte Contre la Desertification,
Rene Rochette (ed ), GTZ, Eschborn, Germany, 1989

• describes a permeable rock dam project which works in the same area as PATECORE (pages 239-261: "Rissiam/Bam - Digues Filtrantes".

• gives a very useful overview of the PLAE project written largely by project staff. However only the early experience of the project, up to the beginning of 1988 is recorded (pages 369 - 387: "Experience No. 20, Kaniko/Koutiala- Mali"). (French)

Mali-Sud; D'un amenagement anti-erosif des champs a la gestion de l'espace rural,
Bulletin 317, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, 1989

• a more detailed account of PLAE's activities than the previous reference, and includes more up-to-date information as well as a more thorough analysis. (in French)

Rainwater Harvesting,
Arnold Pacey with Adrian Cullis, Intermediate Technology Publications, 1986

• a book which is an excellent introduction to rainwater harvesting especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Gives information about the Agro-forestry Project amongst others. (English)

Ramblings on Soil Conservation - An Essay from Kenya,
Wilhelm Ostberg, SIDA, Sweden ISBN 91-586-7091-2

• a very enjoyable and easy to read booklet about soil conservation in Kenya. looks at socio-economic issues and is full of little stories and lessons from real life. (in English)

Soil and Water Conservation in Kenya,
Proceedings of the 3rd National Workshop, Dept. Agric. Engineering, University of Nairobi and SIDA, Nairobi, Sept 1986

• nearly 50 papers on different aspects of soil conservation in Kenya, including Machakos and Kitui Districts. Papers are grouped into sections, for example "erosion", "conservation of croplands" and "policy planning and socio-economic aspects". (in English)

Soil and Water Conservation in Sub-Saharan Africa,
Free University Amsterdam (for IFAD/FIDA), 1986

• an excellent report which analyses SWC in SSA and explains why so many projects have gone wrong. Refers often to PAF as an example of a successful project. (English)

Soil Conservation for Increased Agricultural Production,
Ministry of Agriculture, Engineering Division, PO. Box 30028, Nairobi

• one of a large series of training booklets from MOA. This one is a cartoon booklet explaining how erosion occurs and what to do about it - including how to make fanya-juu terraces. Presented in easy to follow cartoon sequences. (in English)

Water Harvesting for Plant Production,
Chris Reij and others, World Bank Technical Paper No. 91, 1988

• a literature review which gives technical and socio-economic background to projects and traditional systems in Africa. Also contains a very useful bibliography. (English - French version will be coming out soon)

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