Non-wood forest products of Bhutan

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Table of Contents



Overview of non-wood forest products in Bhutan

Forest policy
Forest strategy
Forest legislation rules and regulations
The importance of non-wood forest products
Problems and constraints in developing non-wood forest products
General recommendations for long-term activities in developing non-wood forest products
Organisations involved in the development of non-wood forest products

Bamboo, cane, wild banana, fibre, floss and brooms

Wild banana
Fibre, floss and brooms

Medicinal plants

Trade in medicinal plants in the past
Scope for international marketing
Scope for cultivating medicinal plants
Nature: The best teacher
Medicinal plants, present collection trends and current problems
General recommendations

Traditional paper, essential oils, rosin and turpentine

Traditional paper
Essential oils
Rosin and turpentine

Vegetable oil and ornamental plants

Vegetable oil
Ornamental plants

Basic information on Bhutan's Himalayan yew (Taxus baccata)


Natural vegetable dyes; Food, fruit species and mushrooms; Gums and waxes; and incense

Natural vegetable dyes
Edible products from forests - food, fruit species and mushrooms
Gums and waxes