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Many organizations and individuals collaborated in supporting the "Regional Expert Consultation on Non-Wood Forest Products: Social, Economic and Cultural Dimensions," and the preparation of this publication. FAO provided the core funding and organizational support for the consultation, and travel funds for several participants. The United States Agency for International Development supported the participation of additional individuals from Indonesia, Nepal, and the Philippines. The Forestry Research Support Programme for Asia and the Pacific (FORSPA) funded participation from Fiji.

Several other organizations provided-at their own expense-resource speakers for the regional consultation. They include: the Regional Community Forestry Training Center, World Resources Institute, The Body Shop, USDA Forest Service, the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan, CIRAD Foret, the Biodiversity Conservation Network, the International Center for Agroforestry Research, the Asian Network for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, the Forestry Research Support Programme for Asia and the Pacific, the University of Melbourne, the Innoprise Corporation Sdn DBHD-ICSB (Malaysia), and the Bandaranaike Memorial Ayurvedic Research Institute (Sri Lanka).

FAO sincerely appreciates the financial support of the U.S. Agency for International Development, made available through the USDA Forest Service's Forestry Support Program, which helped to make the editing and printing of this publication possible.

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