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Equipment section

Circular Saw Guard. - Guard accommodates workpieces of various thicknesses without preadjustment. It comprises three pairs of overlapping disks enclosed in semicircular housing over the saw blade.

Normally the leading and trailing disks rest on saw bed as shown, but when workpiece is fed toward saws the disks are in turn raised upward by the workpiece and ride on the upper surface to give complete side coverage of the saw. When the workpiece has passed through, the disks drop back, pair by pair, into their original position.

Associated Electrical Industries Limited, Switchgear Division, Neasden Lane, Willesden, London N.W.10, England.

Circular Saw Guard.

Belsaw Multi-Duty Power Tool. - This toot saws up to 2 ¼ in. (5.71 cm.) thick; planes up to 12 ¼ in. (31 cm.) wide, up to 6 in. (15.24 cm.) thick; molds face or edge up to 6 in. (16 cm.) wide. Power feeds 12 to 22 ft. (3.66 in. to 6.70 in.) per min. For high speed commercial output 3 to 5 hp motor should be used.

Belsaw Machinery Co., 315 Westport Road, Kansas City 11, Missouri, U.S.A.

Belsaw Multi-Duty Power Tool.

Colored Corners. - For use with steel strapping to protect the edges of product in shipping. The lightweight durable plastic edges exist in various colors; they protect product from rust and stain, make handling safer.

Oregon Industrial Factors, 6840 S.W. Macadam Avenue, Portland 19, Oregon, U.S.A.

Colored Corners.

Potts Mist Mower. - Enables the forester to thin economically, favoring one species over another, with selecting chemicals. Compact unit includes gasoline motor, fan, housing, pump, pressure gauge and 26 gal. (95 1.) tank with recirculating agitation. Fan housing can be rotated in a 2000 are or set to deliver to any angle or direction. Fan delivers 21000 cu.ft. (66 m³) of air per min. at speeds up to 190 miles (300 km.) per hour. Accessories: auxiliary tanks, tank brackets, pump fittings, oil resistant hoses; protective shield and connections provided.

Potts Mist Blower, Box 51, Crawford, Mississippi, U.S.A.

Potts Mist Mower.

Fork Truck Model TC. - Tipping fork and claw attachment fitted to fork truck facilitates handling of loose lengths of materials, pit props, rough sawn timber, railway sleepers, etc. Attachment used instead of normal fork can be raised or lowered within the limits of the mast extension and is operated by the truck hydraulic system. Forks can be tilted up to 150 above the horizontal and 330 below it. Specifications: (T.C. yard model) 2,800 lb. (1,270 kg.) at 21 in. (53 cm.) from heel of forks; height 62 in. (157 cm.); width 55 in. (140 cm.); fork length 42 in. (106 cm.); fork width 4 ½ in. (11 cm.).

Conveyancer Fork Trucks Ltd., Liverpool Road, Warrington, England.

Fork Truck Model TC.

File for Saws with Tempered Teeth. - The tops of saw teeth are tempered more than the blade and proper filing is impossible. This apparatus does not contain a file but a special stone. Saw is filed by passing apparatus from one end to the other along blade as shown.

August Krumm, Johann Krumm Sohn, Remscheid, W. Germany.

File for Saws with Tempered Teeth.

Hand Brushcutter. - Principle of operation is based on a lever system. Once the stem is gripped in the jaw, it is sufficient to move handle backward to pull the shrub up by the roots. Tool should be used in the winter or during the rainy season, as moist soil facilitates uprooting.

Establissements " Le. Débroussailleur," Reilhaguet (Lot), France.

Hand Brushcutter.

Jet Wire Roller. - Can be mounted on any tractor with standard p.t.o. Only two setscrews and one bolt necessary to tighten. Clutch tension on wire possible at all times whether rolling or un rolling. Capacity 100 rods (500 in.) double strand barb wire in 3 minutes.

Jet Company, Gilmore City, Iowa, U.S.A.

Jet Wire Roller.

Increment Borer Bit Starter. - Consists of simple hollow feed screw with a now type quick release buckle and a yoke into which the borer handle is fitted. In operation, a belt is placed around the tree and fastened on to the side of the starter. Controlled tension on this belt keeps the borer snug against the tree while the assembly is rotated. Can be separated even by an untrained person. Weighs less than 1 lb. (453 g.).

Forestry Suppliers, Inc., Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.A.

Increment Borer Bit Starter.

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