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1. Irrigation practice and water management, 1971 (E* F* S*)
2. Irrigation canal lining, 1971 (E**** F**** S****)
3. Design criteria for basin irrigation systems, 1971 (E**)
4. Village irrigation programmes - a new approach in water economy, 1971 (E* F*)
5. Automated irrigation, 1971 (E* F* S**)
6. Drainage of heavy soils, 1971 (E* F* S***)
7. Salinity seminar, Baghdad, 1971 (E* F*)
8. Water and the environmente, 1971 (E* F* S*)
9. Drainage materials, 1972 (E* F* S*)
10. Integrated farm water management, 1971 (E* F* S*)
11. Planning methodology seminar, Bucharest, 1972 (E* F*)
12. Farm water management seminar, Manila, 1972 (E*)
13. Water-use seminar, Damascus, 1972 (E* F*) -
14. Trickle irrigation, 1973 (E* F* S*)
15. Drainage machinery, 1973 (E* F*)
16. Drainage of salty soils, 1973 (E* F* S*)
17. Man's influence on the hydrological cycle, 1973 (E* F* S**)
18. Groundwater seminar, Granada, 1973 (E* F* S**)
19. Mathematical models in hydrology, 1973 (E*)
20. Water laws in Moslem countries, Vol. 1, 1973 (E* F* A***)
21. Groundwater models, 1973 (E*)
22. Water for agriculture, 1973 (E** F** S**)
23. Simulation methods in water development, 1974 (E** F** S**)
24. Crop water requirements (revised), 1977 (E* F* S*)
25. Effective rainfall, 1974 (E* F* S*)
26. Small hydraulic structures (Vole. 1 and 2), 1975 (E* F*** S*)
27. Agro-meteorological field stations, 1976 (E* F*** S***)
28. Drainage testing, 1976 (E* F*** S***)
29. Water quality for agriculture, 1976 (E* F* S*)
30. Self-help wells, 1977 (E***)

Availability: February 1978

E - English

* Available

F - French

** Out of print

S - Spanish

*** In preparation

A - Arabic

**** New edition in preparation in the FAO Land and Water Development Series:

FAO Irrigation and Drainage Papers ore available through authorized
FAO Sales Agents or directly from Distribution and Sales Section,
FAO, Via delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome, Italy

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