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Chapter 1: Five Key Issues

Issue Areas for Management

Issue areas for management in the IRRM are unique to the Maldives but have implications for other countries for management of relatively untapped but fragile reef ecosystems. This present phase (1994-1998) programme has identified Five Key Issues:

1) Reef Fish Fishery

The main area of concern will be the export-oriented Grouper and Marine Aquarium Fish Trade.

2) Baitfishery for Tuna Pole and Line Fishery

This is the reef-related component of the tuna fishery.

3) Coral Mining

The main areas will include impacts due to coral and sand mining, dredging and reclamation.

4) Tourism/Fishery Interactions

This issue is included mainly due to the fact that this is an issue in the project area. In addition, IRRM will observe the interactions among interests within each sector, before analysing the interactions between sectors.

5) Comprehensive Management of the Resources.

This issue is mainly concerned with the legal and institutional aspects of IRRM.

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