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Chapter 5: High Priority Actions over the Next Year to Follow-up on Workshop Recommendations

1996 Activities

Preparatory Activities for IRRM Atoll and Island Level Implementation

1) Consider focusing activities in Vaavu Atoll, as a pilot project for the first six months of the Programme. A strong Programme in Vaavu Atoll can then be a model for Memu, Faafu, and Dhaalu Atolls, and trained community leaders from Vaavu will help transfer the concepts to the other Atolls.

2) Identify key leaders in Vaavu Atoll to help implement the Programme. (Abdul Majeed, Atolls Office, Vaavu).

3) Finalize the Workshop Recommendations.

4) Translate IRRM background materials into Dhivehi, including: Workshop Recommendations; IRRM Implementation Framework.

5) Reprint Reef Resources Management Handbook.

Atoll and Island Level Implementation

6) Field trip (multi-sectoral: MRS, ITE, EDC, MT, MPHRE, Atolls) to help establish IRRM process and approach.

a) Conduct informal meetings in Atoll and Islands to reach consensus on a management framework for IRRM which is adaptive to the ideas and needs of Vaavu communities.

b) Establish membership of management committees, roles and responsibilities for individuals within the community and Atoll

c) Atoll and Island community prioritize recommendations for implementing IRRM.

d) Arrange schedule of prioritized actions, and commitment of funding to implement actions.

e) Develop strategy for involving the continued participation of local level government officials and islanders and bridging the gap between government and stakeholders.

7) Document existing local knowledge of marine resources and management systems, in order to provide a sound foundation for IRRM.

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