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Summary of the main recommendations

Country Statements and General Debate on the Food and Agriculture Situation in the Region

For the Attention of Governments

The Conference:

1. recommended that the related necessary education programmes and policies be implemented by countries (programmes and policies that are related to increased women's participation in policy and decision making); (para. 17f)

2. recommended that neighbouring countries and the international communities cooperate in finding common solutions (solutions to the varied conditions that led to internal upheavals, internal and external migration which had adverse implications for food security) (para. 17h).

For the Attention of FAO

The Conference:

3. urged FAO to assist countries with their research and technology transfer/exchange in these areas, for example, in the use of draught power for irrigation (land preparation and water lifting); (para. 17g)

Report on FAO Activities in the Region 1994-95 (ARC/96/2)

4. recommended that the Programme (Special Programme on Food Production in support of Food Security in LIFDCs) be expanded to cover more countries in the region; (para. 18a)

World Food Summit and Report of the Technical Committee For the Attention of FAO

5. recommended that the document be revised to include the points listed in paragraph 20. (para. 20j)

Future Ministerial Meetings in Conjunction with Sessions of COFI and COFO (ARC/96/8)

For the attention of FAO

6. called for FAO's financial support to facilitate participation as required in such meetings. (para. 22e)

Any Other Business

For the attention of Governments

7. appealed to FAO member states to ratify the International Convention on Desertification so as to ensure the release of necessary funding for the programme. (para. 26b)

Date and Place of the Twentieth FAO Regional Conference for Africa For the Attention of FAO

The Conference:

8. noted the offer of Ethiopia to host the Twentieth FAO Regional Conference for Africa which would be conveyed to the Director-General of the FAO, who would decide on the date and place of the Conference in consultation with Member Governments (para. 27).

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