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1. Introduction

This document is a report on the Asia Regional Training of Trainers (TOT) Workshop on Improved Stove Selection and Dissemination, which was held in Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia from June 29 - July 8, 1997. In total 20 participants from 8 Asian countries (Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, and Bhutan) were trained in the use of a training module developed by ARECOP (Asia Regional Cookstove Program) with the expectation that the participants would organise a national training course on improved stove selection and dissemination in their own countries, using the process of improved stove selection introduced in the training module.

The participants, mostly experienced trainers, came from diverse backgrounds including NGOs, government institutions and research institutions. Please see Appendix 6 for the list of participants along with brief biographies, and see Appendix 7 for the TOT schedule.

The TOT workshop was organised by ARECOP in partnership with Pusat Studi Pembangunan (PSP) and FAO-RWEDP (FAO-Regional Wood Energy Development Programme). The workshop was made possible through the support of FAO-RWEDP.

The TOT training team consisted of two main trainers, Emma Wibowo and Aryanto Soedjarwo who were the trainers for the Indonesian national training course held in December 1996, also on Lombok Island. It should be noted that the Indonesians pioneered the use of the training module and thus were in the best position to train prospective trainers from other Asian countries on the training content, methods and process which the module promulgates.

Mrs. Wibowo, who was the trainer in charge of social and gender aspects for the Indonesian national training course, is an experienced and energetic participatory trainer with a keen understanding of group dynamics and expertise in social assessment, gender analysis, community outreach, program planning and monitoring and evaluation.

Mr. Soedjarwo has been involved in ICPs and technical stove training workshops for two decades, working out of Yayasan Dian Desa. He brings in-depth technical knowledge on stove design and stove construction in addition to troubleshooting skills. His work has been both laboratory and field orientated.

Christina Aristanti, ARECOP manager, and Michelle Schullein, assistant manager, also served as assistant trainers and facilitators in addition to being the main organisers of the workshop.

From FAO-RWEDP, Auke Koopmans and Jaap Koppejan attended as observers. Mr. Koppejan acted as lead camera-man for the duration of the training, documenting important training sessions and video taping each participant's teaching practice for the purpose of evaluation. Tina Sriratana and Jaruwan Thananimit, from FAO-RWEDP, provided administrative support and also lead a number of energiser activities during the three days they attended the workshop.

Finally, Pingkan Wibowo and Marjan Koppejan attended in the capacity of volunteer organisers and observers, bringing much energy and enthusiasm to the many tasks they undertook during the workshop.

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