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7. Formulation of national training plans

After the ten-day learning process, the country training teams were asked to develop national training plans. This was designed to:

· enable the country training team members to work together and begin planning for their respective national training workshops.

· give the country training teams time to review the training module and discuss possible modifications for their countries.

· give the country teams time to start planning a national training workshop in their respective countries by considering such aspects as logistics, sites, venues, lead organisation to host the training, modifications and translation of training materials, the trainers, etc.

The national training plan session was introduced along with some general guidelines for formulating the "Background" "section of a preliminary workshop proposal. This included the following:

The Myanmar team developing their national training plan


Details of the current situation

· Target area of program
· Population
· Natural resources
· Energy problems
· Level of community participation

Readiness of implementing organisation

· Staffing
· Working style with communities
· Financial resources available

Trainees were given time to work in their national training team groups to develop their plans as far as possible within the constraints of the limited time available. The plans were not presented, but photocopied and distributed to fellow trainees and the trainers. The country plans are provided in Appendix 4.

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