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Preparations prior to departure from Brisbane

Professor Spradbrow received faxes from Dr Tahn Hla, Deputy Director, Animal Health and Development Division, Department of Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Services, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Myanmar and Mr Kumar P. Upadhyay, FAO, Myanmar. Both discussed details of the arrangements being made to facilitate the practical workshop. I sent a fax to Dr Than Hla detailing the materials I would require to successfully convene the workshop and received a response. I also corresponded with Mr Xu Lingfeng, Country Project Manager, FAO, Bangkok requesting approval for the purchase of some materials for the workshop. On behalf of FAO, Myanmar, the Department of Veterinary Pathology and Anatomy, University of Queensland placed orders at the University stores for the binding of the manuals and the list of laboratory materials. The photocopying of the manuals, the supply of the Newcastle disease I2 seed virus, Websters HR-V4 experimental vaccine and additional consumable items were provided by the Department at no cost to the FAO project. Professor Spradbrow and I carried all these items from Australia to Myanmar in our luggage. There was also communication with Dr Denis Hoffmann, Animal Health and Production Officer, FAO, Bangkok who arranged for the purchase of fifteen laboratory coats and twenty laboratory day books in Bangkok. Details of items purchased on behalf of FAO Myanmar and donated by the University of Queensland are included in the annex.

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