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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 7 - 12 August 2000

The following is a list of some of the planned sessions and contact persons.

3.00.00 Divisional meeting: Presentation of awards and election of officers for 2001-2005. Divisional workshop: Possible restructuring of Division 3. Dennis Dykstra, William Cordero, Hans R. Heinimann, Esko Mikkonen, Loren Kellogg

3.02.00 Effects of nursery and silvicultural operations on the environment and society. Mike Menzies, Dag Fjeld, Ken McNabb

3.04.00 Operational planning and control. Work study. Esko Mikkonen, David B. Field, Robert McCormack, Maarten Nieuwenhuis

3.05.00 Forest operations in the tropics. Bryce Stokes, Froylan Castañeda, Elias

3.06.00 Forest operations under mountainous conditions Hans R. Heinimann, Willbard S. Abeli, John Sessions, Stanislav Sever

3.07.00 Ergonomics. Frits Staudt, John Garland, Marjan Lipoglavsek

3.09.00 Economics and harvesting of thinning. Pieter Kofman, Risto Lilleberg, John Lyons, Rafaelle Spinelli

3.10.00 Harvesting, wood delivery and utilisation. Loren Kellogg, Daniel Guimier, Piotr Paschalis, Sigurd Ole Rudd

3.11.00 Forest operations and environmental protection. Risto Lauhanen, Perminio Costa Filho, Jusoff Kamaruzaman, Iwan Wästerlund, J. A. Zabkiewicz

6.06.02 How are innovations applied in sustainable forestry. Cynthia L. Miner

A6 Sustainable management of natural resources. Criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management. A perspective at the level of forest management unit. Alain Franc, Dennis Dykstra

See IUFRO web site:

IUFRO's clearinghouse for multilingual forest terminology

The need for a clear and well defined forest terminology exists worldwide. IUFRO started a pilot project in February 1995 on forest terminology called SilvaVoc.

SilvaVoc objectives are:

Contact person: Renate Prüller

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