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Commission VIII: Open forum


J.A. DICKSON (United Kingdom)

Technical secretaries:



J. GARDNER (Canada)

J. GAILLARD (Argentina)



K. SHAMAPUDI (Thailand)

This Commission was organized in order to allow members who had been unable to find a suitable place elsewhere in the congress to introduce questions of concern to them. Recommendations were not expected but would be considered.

Eight subjects were raised, as follows:

1. International trade unions for forest workers (U.S.S.R.).
2. The history and present situation of the people involved in forestry in Argentina (Argentina).
3. Forestry extension (United Kingdom).
4. Fuelwood growing and soil conservation (Haiti).
5. Wilderness preservation (United States).
6. "A concrete case" in silviculture and forest management (France).
7. Pelleting of tree seeds (France).
8. Supply of charcoal to the pig-iron industry (Brazil).

There was discussion on three subjects.

Six of the subjects were found to be appropriate to other commissions and have been incorporated in their reports. The two remaining subjects not recorded in other commissions' reports dealt with the personal experiences in forest management of a delegate, and the results of research in the improvement of seed germination.

The small number of subjects raised was a measure of the success of the other commissions in covering all points of concern to the members.

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