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21 November 1988 (Mon)  
8:45–9:00Opening addressMinister of Natural Resources and Development, Kiribati
  R. Uwate (FFA*)
9:00–9:15Administration and introduction of participantsH.Tanaka (FAO*)
9:15–10:15Status of milkfish production in Southeast AsiaC.Lee (OI*)
10:15–10:30Coffee break 
10:30–12:30Presentation of country papers on the status of milkfish resource/production in the Pacific 
 a. Cook Islands 
 b. Federated Status of Micronesia 
 c. Guam 
 d. Hawaii 
 e. Kiribati 
 f. Marshall Islands 
 g. Nauru 
 h. Solomon Islands 
 i. Palau 
 j. Tonga 
 k. Tuvalu 
12:30–13:30Lunch break 
13:30–15:00Milkfish culture methods in the PhilippinesJ.Juario
(Univ. of Philippines)
15:00–15:15Coffee break 
15:15–16:30Milkfish culture methods in the Pacific 
 a. KiribatiT.Teroroko(Kiribati Fish.)
 b. HawaiiC.Kelley(O.I.)
 c. GuamS.Nelson(Univ. of Guam)
22 November (Tue)   
9:00–10:30Fisheries biology of milkfishL.Garcia(SEAFDEC*)
10:30–10:45Coffee break 
10:45–11:30Discussion on post-harvest of milkfish 
11:30–12:30Discussion on marketing of milkfish 
12:30–14:00Lunch break 
14:00–15:15Economics of milkfish culture systems 
 a. PhillippinesR.Agbayani(SEAFDEC)
 b. PacificR.Uwate
15:15–15:30Coffee break 
15:30–16:15Fry collection methodsA.Villaluz
16:15–16:45Preparation of model fry collection gearsAll participants
23 November (Wed)   
9:00–12:30Setting of tidal set-net, floating set-net and barrier netAll participants
11:30–12:30Observation of Kiribati milkfish farmsAll participants
12:30–14:00Lunch break 
14:00–16:30Demonstration of fry collectionAll participants
24 November (Thu)   
9:00–11:00Demonstration of milkfish preparation and cookingV.Francis
11:00–12:00Demonstration of milkfish smoking 
12:00–14:00Lunch at Temaiku Farm 
14:00–17:00Collection of fry from tidal set-netAll participants
 Demonstration of fry stocking, packing and transportationA.Villaluz
25 November (Fri)   
9:00–11:00Discussion on future needs and suggestionsJ.Juario
11:00–11:30Closing the workshopMinister of Natural Resources and Development
18:30–21:00Workshop dinner 

Note: * FFA : Forum Fisheries Agency
FAO : The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
OI : The Oceanic Institute
SEAFDEC : Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center
AQUASPEC : Aquaculture Specialists Inc.

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