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3. Fisheries Administration.

The Department of Fisheries is responsible for the administration of the fishing industry and for the management and development of fisheries. The Department's objectives for fisheries management and development are optimum utilization of the resources, promotion of the development of local fisheries and improvement of the technical capabilities and well-being of the local fishermen. The Department is divided into four technical units, Research and Development, Resource Management, Resource Utilization and Law Enforcement. The Research and Development Unit is not in operation though lack of personnel. Duties related to statistics collection and preparation of statistical summaries are vested in the Resource Management Unit. Aditionally the Resources Management Unit has been charged (amongst other duties) to ensure compliance with regulations. Its personnel is formed of nine persons working in New Providence (Nassau) and six Extension Officers in the other islands. The Unit has data processing equipment consisting of 2 operational PCs to prepare statistical summaries on weight and value of species landed and efforts exerted by the licensed fishing boats (commercial fishing vessels). Major efforts of the Resources Management Unit have been directed to daily data collection (except on Sundays) on landings, efforts and transhipments from all the commercial fishing boats and freight vessels arriving to Nassau and monthly data collection on landings at the processing plants in the Family Islands.

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