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A.Hatchery-nursery pond complex at Hub Reservoir 
A-1.General layout1:2 500
A-2.Gravel filter pool1:50
B.Hatchery-nursery pond complex at Tarbela Reservoir 
B-1.General layout1:2 500
C.Hatchery-nursery pond complex at Mangla Reservoir 
C-1.General layout1:1 000
C-2.Longitudinal sections of drainage canals1:100; 1:1 000
C-3.Earthworks - Cross sections I. 
C-4.Earthworks - Cross sections II. 
D.Pond component 
D-1.1Drainage of broodfish ponds 
Layout plan and cross sections
D-1.2Drainage of nursery ponds 
Layout plan and cross sections
D-1.3Drainage of rearing ponds 
Layout plan and cross sections
Layout plan and cross sections
D-2.1Details of monk tower1:25
D-2.2Details of monk outlet1:25
D-2.3Details of twin sluice1:25
D-2.4Details of culvert: Inlet and outlet1:25
D-3.1Control boards of drainage structures1:10
D-3.2Steel grates of drainage structures1:5
E.Hatchery component 
E-1.Layout plan and cross sections of the hatchery building1:50
E-2.1R.c.c. spawning tank1:25
E-2.2Multipurpose tank - Volume 2 × 1.3 m31:25
E-2.3Multipurpose tank - Volume 2 × 2.6 m31:25
E-2.4Elevated reservoir1:50
E-3.1Module steel stand: Base frame1:10
E-3.2Module steel stand: Supplementary elements for 20 l incubators1:10
E-3.3Module steel stand: Supplementary elements for 60 l incubator-rearing jars1:10
E-3.4Steel stand for 200 l incubator-rearing jars1:10
E-3.5Aerator tower1:10
E-3.6Steel grate of floor drain1:10
E-4.1Fibre glass incubators and rearing jars 
E-4.2Fibre glass drain trough1:15
E-4.3Water distributing pipes1:10
E-4.4Fibre glass overhead tank1:25

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