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There is a definite need for the boatyard to continue as it now is until people trained can take over the responsibility of supplying boats to the local people. The emphasis should be continued on the training aspect of the programme. There is no need to increase the facilities or allow for more people than has been originally envisaged; this being three permanent staff and up to a maximum of eight trainees.

At present the boatbuilding programme encompasses the area of Pokhara valley only. Sometime in the future, these facilities could enable people from other parts of Nepal to be trained. There are fairly large boats on some of the rivers in the Tarai. These boats have been built in India and brought into Nepal but they could just as well be built within the country. There are also other bodies of water such as dam reservoirs where boats will have uses.

If in the future, major changes in the boatyard programme are contemplated, a boat-building consultant can be recruited for two to three months to make recommendations and initiate proposed changes.

The supply of timber will have to be improved. At the present timber is bought in the form of squared cants of assorted sizes. These are then resawn which causes excess waste. By ordering ahead it is possible to get planks of the size required overcoming the wastage problem and saving a good deal of time. There should be at least 150 cubic feet of timber in stock at any one time to allow for seasoning.

It will probably be necessary to raise the cost of the boats eventually as at present little has been allowed for overhead costs. This should wait until they are well established on the lakes.

Many of the boats being sold will be financed by the purchaser. The remaining people interested in buying boats may need assistance, particularly the fishermen. A low interest loan scheme should be initiated possibly through the Agricultural Development Bank. The project should take the initiative in arranging this.

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