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The following development objectives are recommended:

  1. Establishment of a Fisheries Unit with trained staff to deal with programmes of fisheries in rural development, extension and demonstration, stocking and management of selected species in open water bodies and sport fishing.

  2. Training at various levels of personnel involved in programmes of rural development to create an adequate staff to man the proposed Fisheries Unit.

  3. Training of farmer communities in fish culture and rice-cum-fish culture by teams of extension officers of the Fisheries Unit.

  4. Study of marketing requirements, taking into account the local conditions of Bhutan,to coordinate with the proposed programmes of development once the new Fisheries Unit is established.

  5. Construction of ponds in the private sector through provision of loans and subsidies to promote fish culture both in urban and rural areas, particularly in temperate and subtropical areas.

  6. Utilization of existing rice fields to introduce and expand rice-cum-fish culture as a means to improve nutrition in farmer communities at low cost.

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