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Design criteria were developed for the two ponds and a seawater supply and distribution system to support the Feasibility Project.

The initial pond criteria were for a pond with slightly over 0.1 ha of water surface and an average water depth of 1.7 m. After design work was done to the extent that preliminary cost estimates could be made, it was seen that construction of two 0.1 ha ponds was far in excess of the budget provided. The aquaculturists then provided a size of pond that they believed was the minimum area that would allow the Feasibility Project to be carried out as designed. The final pond has a water surface area of 600 m2 and an average water depth of 1:15 m

The final design criteria are shown in Appendix 2. Details of the design of the ponds and pond seawater system are shown in the construction drawings supplied. The criteria for the seawater system are also shown in Appendix 2.

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