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The Government of Bahrain, assisted by the United Nations Development Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, is engaged in the Feasibility Study of Mariculture Development Project (BAH/82/002), the main purpose of which is to contribute to the development of coastal marine aquaculture at the national level.

The development of a pond research facility at Ras Haiyan is a major objective of the project. The master plan envisions that this facility will proceed in at least two parts - the feasibility project and (if it proves practical) the pilot project (phase 1). The feasibility project, which is the subject of this report, consists of two plastic lined earthern ponds and accompanying seawater supply and drainage systems, An FAO Aquaculture Engineer Consultant, Mr. John C. Allen, provided an engineering study to the project, including topography, soil, hydrology, pond design, drawing and specifications and cost estimates 1.

Due to the technical nature of the plastic pond liner and seawater system installations, the consultant recommended that an aquaculture engineer be present during these construction phase. FAO assigned Douglas C. Kneale, Aquaculture Engineer, to oversee this construction under the supervision of the FAO Aquaculture Expert Dr. Oliver Schlumberger.

The assignment was for a period of 21 days in Bahrain in order to complete the construction, two days for testing and four days for briefing and debriefing in Rome. As a result of the limited time available for the consultant's visit, a concise time schedule was prepared (Appendix 1).


The specific terms of reference were as follows :


The author extends thanks to the personnel of the Directorate of Fisheries for their great help in all phases of the project, including procuring materials and laying the pond liners.

1 Allen, John C., Engineering for Ras Haiyan feasibility project. A report prepared for the Feasibility Study of Mariculture Development Project. Rome, FAO, 1984. FI:DP/BAH/82/002, Field Document 2.

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