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1.1 Terms of Reference

The consultant team consisted of aquaculture engineer Mr. J. Kovari, fish-feed specialist Dr. A.G.J. Tacon, and fish aquaculturist Mr. R.M. Pitt. The team visited Papua New Guinea to advise on the re-establishment of carp fishing facilities in the Highlands and on a training programme for management of the fish production. The fish aquaculturist was in Papua New Guinea from 11 November 1985 to 15 February 1986. This covered the periods during which the engineer and the feed specialist were there, and enabled some discussion and coordination.

The terms of reference for the fish aquaculturist were:

“In coordination with plans and construction work supervised by the Aquaculture Engineering Consultant (hatchery/livestock cum fish pond/new pond), to advise on up-to-date carp culture techniques and hatchery management, concentrating both on the existing and new structures. To prepare a training programme in carp culture techniques and hatchery management.”

1.2 Objectives of the Project

The broad objectives of the TCP assistance were to re-activate and rationalize the Highlands Aquaculture Development Centre, Aiyura. This is operated by the Fisheries Division of the Department of Primary Industry and is located within the Highlands Agriculture Experiment Station.

For the travel itinerary and persons met, see Appendices 1 and 2.

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