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Appendix 2


Port Moresby:Mr G. El Din, Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP
Mr N. Kulkani, Officer-in-Charge, UNDP
Mr O. Natera, First Assistant Secretary, Fisheries Division, DPI
Mr J. Opnai, Chief Biologist, Fisheries Division, DPI
Mr D. Coates, Senior Fisheries Biologist, Fisheries Division, DPI
Mr D. Cook, Senior Resource Development Officer, Fisheries Division, DPI
Mr J. Locke, Senior Resource Development Officer, Fisheries Division, DPI
Dr T. Kan, Senior Lecturer, Department of Fisheries, UPNG
Aiyura:Mr. P. Sagom, Officer-in-Charge, Highlands Aquaculture Development Centre (HADC)
Mr G. Baidam, Fisheries technician (pond management), HADC
Mr P. Toneba, Fisheries technician (hatchery), HADC
Mr Bepu, Pond labourer, HADC
Mr Bernard, Pond labourer, HADC
Mr Biasi, Pond labourer and netmaker, HADC
Mr Henni, Hatchery labourer, HADC
Mr Kos Terra, Pond labourer and engineering adviser, HADC
Mr Menoe, Pond labourer, HADC
Mr Quilas, Carpenter, HADC
Mr Sibere, Pond labourer and guard, HADC
Mr Yoffi, Pond labourer, HADC
Mr J. Yogiyo, Officer-in-Charge, Highlands Agriculture Experiment Station
Mr P. Harding, Soil scientist, Coffee Research Institute
Dr H. Takagi, Plant breeder, International Board for Plant Genetic Resources
Kainantu and district:Mr B. Gunure, Chief Agricultural Extension Officer, Kainantu
Mr Kere, Fish pond owner, Tairora
Dr Kia, Fish pond owner, Okapa
Mr Mapu, Fish pond owner, Four Mile
Chimbu:Mr K. Gendua, Manager, Kegesugu Trout Hatchery
Lae:Professor Tseng, Head of Department of Fisheries, University of Technology
Mr B. Harding, Sales Manager, Lae Feed Mills
Mr K. Thoennes, Acting Manager, South Pacific Brewery
Mr E. Henty, Planter and Botanist

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