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In 1980, about 232mt sea cucumber production were recorded. The landing gradually increased and reached 351mt in 1985. The export volume was 281mt in 1981 and increased to 3 123 mt in 1985. The discrepancy between landing and export volume (Table 1) is probably because of the sea cucumber fishery is artisanal, and the catch by individual fisherman is not in bulk. Some might not be recorded by landing officers.

Under the REPELITA V, the Government has set a target for tripang production around 14 335mt in 1989 and 21 000mt in 1993. The target for export volume has been set around 4 300mt in 1989 and increased to 6 300mt in 1993 (Table 2). The demand of the world market for the beche-de-mer in 1985 was in a region of 6 000mt disregarding the re-export volume from Hong Kong and Singapore. Beside Indonesia, the major countries producing and exporting the beche-de-mer are the Philippines, Japan, East Africa, the Pacific Islands and Australia. To achieve the export target set in the REPELITA V, beside Hong Kong, new market outlets for Indonesian beche-de-mer have to be explored. Singapore, one of the high potential market outlet for Indonesian beche-de-mere, is worth to explore. Improvement of the quality of the product to complete with products from other countries such as the Philippines, East Africa, the Pacific Islands and Australia is also necessary.

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