NeOn Integrated Project EU-IST-027595

D7.2.2 Revised and enhanced fisheries ontologies


Caterina Caracciolo

© FAO 2007

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This document describes and discusses the fisheries ontologies developed for use within the Fish Stock Depletion Assessment System (FSDAS). All ontologies are publicly available from the FAO website, from

Part I

1. Introduction

2. Previous work: The FOS Project

3. Requirements on Modelling, Population and Maintenance

4. Reference Data

5. Creation and Population of Ontologies from the FIGIS Database

Part II

6. Ontologies Models

7. Discussion

8. Lessons learned

9. Conclusions and next steps

Annex I – Naming Conventions

Annex II - Glossary of Fisheries terms

Annex III - List of Acronyms

Annex IV - Reengineering the XML schema for FI factsheet to OWL