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The selection of the Lake Investigation Team has been accomplished and an adequately qualified and motivated team is now in place. From October this team has been seconded to full-time duties with the project.

The technical assistance inputs have been well serviced and the visiting consultants were able to complete their terms of reference.

The provision of Chinese-English translation has been most satisfactory and the interpreters are to be congratulated on the essential assistance that they have given. The bilingual requirement of the project causes delays - especially with respect to the dissemination of written material.


Under the overall direction of the National Project Director (NPD) and Deputy Directory of the Bureau of Aquatic Products, Mr Chu Benchen, and the National Deputy Director, Mr Yin Baichai, a team has been seconded full-time to the Qinghai Lake Investigation work. The list of team members is as follows:

Mr Wang Jiling-Team Leader/Senior Engineer
Mr Yang Hongzhi-Deputy Team Leader/Engineer
Mr Yuan Yuongguo-Assistant Engineer
Ms Hu Chueihua-Assistant Engineer
Mr Wan Zhenji-Technician
Ms Chen Tanging-Technician
Mr Yan Zhongshuen-Technician

In addition to the technical team members, staff of the Bureau of Aquatic Production are responsible for administration, logistics and transport for the work of the project programme.


Adequate accommodation has been provided for the Lake Team and the technical assistance. This comprises a suite of 8 rooms in the building of the General Extension Station of the Bureau. At present these Include:

TA personnel office and adjoining computer room

Meeting room

3 offices for team members

2 store rooms

Before the start of the main programme of work, in the spring of 1990, a laboratory will be constructed and services installed in the General Extension Station. This will be reserved for use by the Lake Team.

At the lakeside facilities of the Qinghai Hu Fisheries Factory, two rooms have been provided for work and safe storage of the equipment of the Lake Team. Living accommodation of a satisfactory standard has also been reserved for visiting team members.

Adequate basic accommodation on the survey vessel is now being refitted. Thi6 will provide survey cruise living quarters for 5 to 6 team members.


One of the present fleet of wooden trawlers has been designated by the Bureau for refitting as a survey vessel. The vessel has recently undergone hull repairs and some interior refitting. It is stated to be in sound condition. The selected vessel will be refitted with a replacement engine and provided with a stand-alone diesel 13 kVh electrical generator.

Some reconstruction of the deck housings and rehabilitation of the present hold space is currently underway. This will provide improved facilities for long survey cruises, including sheltered deck work space and below deck work/laboratory space.

This work is to be completed by the start of the programme of investigations at the ice-break in March/April 1990. (See Appendix 3 for further details.)


Basic office equipment is now being provided, and the project vehicles have been ordered.

The computers and ancillary equipment are now installed in the office rooms provided to the team.

A full list of specialist equipment has been completed by Consultant Mr Smith (limnology specialist) and is now in the process of being ordered. It is intended that the major part of this equipment will be on site before the start of the season in March/April 1990.


It is still proving necessary to resolve questions of administrative policy with regard to individual executive responsibility at the level of the Lake Investigation Team. It is proving difficult to obtain timely action on relatively minor matters of programming, services and equipment.

Attention is being given by the NPD to this problem.

No other administrative issues are of immediate concern. Section 7 considers other questions of organization and administration which should be resolved before the main work of the team begins in spring 1990.

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