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Appendixes 1 and 4 provide a programme and timetable for the full four-year development of the investigations on the Qinghai Lake. At this stage the programme must be regarded as a preliminary framework as changes in working methods and the emphasis of the investigation will be made in the light of the results obtained and the functioning and availability of the equipment.

It is assumed that detailed programmes of work will be developed at the beginning of the work on the lake in spring 1990. These detailed programmes will take into account the current state of the equipment provisions, personnel available, etc.


The Lake Investigation Team is currently engaged in the preparation of an annotated bibliography. This work will include an assessment of all the literature presently available in Xining and a list of relevant literature available elsewhere (Work Programme Module 1).

This work will also include the identification and assessment of other sources of information available from organizations concerned with work on the Qinghai Lake and its watershed (Work Programme Module A, Task A/1).

This work will be essentially completed by March/April 1990 for the start of the first period of lake fieldwork.

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