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The Government of the People's Republic of China, assisted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), are engaged in project CPR/88/077, Fisheries Development in Qinghai Province.

As part of project operations, FAO assigned Dr. I. G. Dunn as Lake Fishery Management Specialist Consultant from 2 April 1991 to 26 September 1991, with the following terms of reference:

“The consultant in lake fishery management will be responsible for planning and execution of the investigations on Qinghai Lake, leading to production of an informed management plan for the lake. He will work in close cooperation with the National Project Director (NPD) and the Deputy National Project Director (DNPD) responsible for the Qinghai Lake work, and will coordinate the work of the specialist consultants in water chemistry, fishery information systems development, etc. He will also be active in the in-service training programme for national project staff. He will prepare a mission report.”

This report presents a summary of the progress of work of the Lake Investigation Team for the period October 1990 to September 1991.


A. Itinerary

2 Apr 1991-Depart UK for briefing and admin FAO HQ Rome
5 Apr-Dep. Rome for Beijing
6 Apr-Arr. Beijing
9 Apr-Dep. Beijing for Lanzhou, arr. Xining
13 Apr-Visit Qinghai Hu
14 Apr–4 May-Liaise with Consultant Mr Colin Smith
14 Apr–24 Apr-Fieldwork at Qinghai Hu
7 May–11 May-Fieldwork at Qinghai Hu
20 May–23 May-Fieldwork at Qinghai Hu
27 May–31 May-Fieldwork at Qinghai Hu
4 Jun–8 Jun-Tripartite Revue Meeting
8 June-Dep. Xining for Lanzhou and Beijing
10 Jun-Dep. Beijing for Rome
11 Jun-Dep. Rome for UK
19 Aug-Dep. UK for Rome
20 Aug-Dep. Rome for Beijing
21 Aug-Arr. Beijing
24 Aug-Dep. Beijing for Lanzhou and Xining
24 Aug–30 Aug-Liaise on field visits with Dr T Petr (FAO, Rome) and Mr B Klinke (FAOR Office, Beijing)
5 Sep–11 Sep-Fieldwork at Qinghai Hu
16 Sep-Fieldwork at Qinghai Hu
20 Sep-Dep. Xining for Beijing
23 Sep-Debrief FAOR Beijing. Dep. Beijing for FAO HQ, Rome
24 Sep–25 Sep-Arr. Rome, debrief and report presentation.
26 Sep-Dep. Rome arr. Chatham via London.

B. Work programme

As in previous years the consultant input was undertaken in two visits. This allowed a period in the middle of the year in which the team could undertake field work, sample processing and data collation without supervision by the consultant. The second visit allowed the assessment of the work todate and the preparation of the work programme for the winter months when fieldwork is impossible.

From the 14 April to the 4 May, the consultant worked closely with Mr Colin Smith in training of laboratory staff and the setting up of the freshwater analysis laboratory at the Institute.

From the 24 to 30 August the consultant accompanied the technical backstopping officer, Dr T Petr visiting from HQ, Rome and Mr B Klinke, Projects Officer, FAOR Office Beijing, on a series of field visits to the project fishculture sites and Qinghai Hu.

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