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Origin of the articles in this special issue

The 11 articles in this special double issue of Unasylva are edited selections from the 18 position papers of the 4th Session of the FAO Committee on Forest Development in the Tropics (Rome, November 1976).

The position papers with their full titles are:

- "Attempt at a global appraisal of the tropical moist forests," by A. Sommer (FAO).

- "Administrative organization of forestry in the developing countries," by Louis Velay (France).

- "Land tenure problems and tropical forestry development," by S.K. Adeyoju (Nigeria).

- "Forest utilization contracts on public land in the humid tropics: experiences, problems, and trends," by Franz Schmithüsen (FAO).

- "Employment opportunities in the tropical moist forests under alternative silvicultural systems, including agrisilvicultural techniques," by Nils Svanqvist (FAO).

- "The relative merits of natural regeneration, enrichment planting, and conversion planting in tropical moist forests, including agrisilvicultural techniques," by T.J. Synnott and R.H. Kemp (United Kingdom).

- "Conversion planting in tropical moist forests," by Jacques Groulez (France).

- "Economic implications of the management system applied to the tropical moist forests," by A.J. Leslie (Australia).

- "Tropical moist forest inventories for industrial investment decisions," by Jean-Paul Lanly (FAO).

The documents themselves may be ordered from the FAO Distribution and Sales Section (see the inside back cover). Please do not write to the Forestry Department, since this will delay receipt of documents.

- "The values of the tropical moist forest ecosystems and the environmental consequences of their removal," by Duncan Poore (IUCN).

- "The environmental consequences of forestry practices in the tropical moist forests," by R.G. Fontaine (France).

- "Stratification of the tropical moist forests for land-use planning," by E.F. Brunig, M.v. Buch, J. Heuveldop and K.F. Panzer (Federal Republic of Germany).

- "The future of mixed tropical hardwoods: an important renewable natural resource," by Börje Kirklund and Theo Erfurth (FAO).

- "Technical and socio-economic factors and policy considerations influencing the structure size and location of forest industries based upon tropical moist forests," by Peter Vakomies (FAO).

- "Improvements and adjustments in industrial processing to encounter problems specific to the use of wood species with varying properties from the humid tropics," by Jean Collardet (France).

- "The role of the tropical moist forests in world demand, supply and trade of forest products," by S.L. Pringle (FAO).

- "Product development and the choice and effective application of promotional measures to advance the wider use of products from the tropical moist forests," by Theo Erfurth (FAO).

- "Factors conditioning the systems and costs for opening up and harvesting the tropical moist forest," by Henri Chauvin (FAO).

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