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56. The Committee had for discussion the document[20] prepared by the Representative of AOAC INTERNATIONAL as a result of discussions[21] held at the 19th Session of the Committee.

57. The Committee was informed by the Representative of AOAC that, under the Montreal Protocol of Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, production and supply of halogenated hydrocarbons would be phased out. It was pointed out that there were methods of analysis including those already endorsed by the Commission which use halogenated hydrocarbons, such as chlorofluorocarbons and carbon tetrachloride. When these solvents are phased out, there would be a need for other solvents to replace the ozone depleting solvents. This might affect the status of the method and replacing a solvent may cause a need for the re-validation of such a method.

58. The Representative of IDF informed the Committee that a change in solvent in methods developed by its organization would not require re-numbering of the method. The Representative of ISO said that if the principle of the method is unchanged re-numbering was unnecessary. The Representative of AOAC said that replacement of a solvent that affected method performance necessitated a re-evaluation of the method and hence a new number.

59. The Delegation of Canada said that as the criteria approach was recommended, any method which met the criteria could be used. Furthermore a criterion prohibiting the use of ozone-depleting substances should be considered. The delegation further proposed that it could be included in the criteria that any Type III method using ozone-depleting substances might be withdrawn.

60. The Delegation of Hungary suggested the investigation of certain methods using micro-volumes of ozone-depleting substances in order to minimize their adverse effect to the environment.

61. The Committee requested that international organizations working in the field of analysis and sampling identify methods elaborated by them which had been endorsed by the Commission and which use ozone-depleting substances. This information should be communicated to the Codex Secretariat, which should present the identified methods to the ad hoc Working Group on Endorsement, based on the information received.

62. The Codex Committee on Methods of Analysis and Sampling would urge the Commodity Committees to avoid selecting methods of analysis which use ozone-depleting substances.

[20] CX/MAS 95/10
[21] ALINORM 95/23, para 79

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