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75) The Committee recalled that its last session agreed not to elaborate general guidelines for the use of the term "vegetarian" and to restrict its work to the elaboration of definitions for claims used on product labels. It also agreed that South Africa would redraft the document (CX/FL 98/12), in collaboration with India, for further consideration.

76) The Delegation of South Africa presented the proposed draft recommendation (CX/FL 99/11) and proposed further modifications of the text under "Another alternative". Proposed wording was as follows: (viii) A claim that a foodstuff is suitable for vegetarians, should specify the categories of vegetarian, namely:

77) The Delegation of India informed the Committee that due to problems of communication with South Africa India’s view had not been incorporated into the Proposed Draft Recommendation but agreed with the new text proposed by South Africa during the meeting. The Delegation indicated that in the light of religious concerns and cultural practices in India and other Asian countries "vegetarian" should not include eggs. The Delegation of Sweden stated that "vegetarian" should be restricted to ingredients of plant origin, while the Delegation of Thailand supported the proposal made by South Africa. The Delegation of Mexico expressed their view that "Vegetarian" should be classified into three categories and that "Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian" was not necessary as it was already included in the definition of ovo-vegetarian and lacto-vegetarian.

78) Several delegations pointed out that further clarification was necessary, such as on the application to honey, rennet in cheese, or food groups such as fungi. The Delegation of France also pointed out that the word "Vegan" should be translated into French as "Vegetalien".

79) As regards an appropriate Codex text in which the proposed draft amendment should be incorporated, the Delegation of Switzerland recommended the amendment of the Codex General Guidelines on Claims.

80) The Committee expressed its appreciation for the effort made by South Africa. Since further deliberation was needed, the Committee requested the Delegation of South Africa to redraft the document in collaboration with India for circulation and further consideration at its next session.

Status of the Proposed Draft Guidelines for the Use of the Term "Vegetarian"

81) The Committee agreed to return the Proposed Draft Recommendation to Step 3 for redrafting, further comments and consideration at the next session.

[13] CX/FL 99/11, CX/FL 99/11 Add-1 (comments from Mexico, Thailand), CX/FL 99/10 Add-2 (Canada)

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