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1. The Fifty-First Session of the Council was held in Rome from 7 to 22 October 1968 under the Chairmanship of M. Gemayel.

Statement by the Director-General

2. The Council heard an introductory statement by the Director-General, the text of which may be found as Appendix D to this report.

Adoption of the Agenda

3. The Agenda of the Session as adopted is set out in Appendix A to this report.

Election of Vice-Chairmen

4. Mrs. Dorothy H. Jacobson (United States of America) and G. Bula Hoyos (Colombia) were elected respectively First Vice-Chairman and Second Vice-Chairman.

Tribute to M. Abbas

5. The Council paid tribute to Mekki Abbas, Assistant Director-General, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, who had left the Organization.

Tribute to Sir Donald Vandepeer

6. The Council paid tribute to Sir Donald Vandepeer, head of several United Kingdom delegations to the FAO Conference and Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Organizational Structure of FAO established by the Conference in 1955, whose death occurred while the Council was in session.

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