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Arrangements and Provisional Agenda for the Session of the Conference and its Technical Committees

115. The Council considered a draft paper 1, setting out the arrangements for the Fifteenth Session of the Conference and its Technical Committees, including their Provisional Agenda and timetable. This embodied the decisions already made by the Council at its Fifty-First Session on the organization of Conference Sessions and took account of the recommendations of the Sixteenth Session of the Programme Committee on the method of operation of the Technical Committees.

1 CL 52/17-Rev. 1.

Technical Committees

116. Some members felt that four or five days should be enough for the Technical Committees. The Council agreed however that, in order to give the new arrangements a fair trial, these Committees should convene from Thursday 30 October 1969.

117. It was proposed that the Agenda of both Technical Committees should begin with an item of a procedural nature which would comprise two sub-items, providing respectively for the installation of the Chairman and Rapporteur (as nominated by the Council) and for the election of Vice-Chairmen.

118. The Council noted the Programme Committee's suggestions on the need for an integrated consideration of the subject-matter fields covered by the Tecnical Committees, and that this need should be outlined in the letter of invitation.

119. An addition was proposed to Item 2 of the Agenda of the Technical Committee on Field Programmes to cover the question of Associate Experts.

Session of the Conference

120. Two additions were proposed to the Provisional Agenda of the Conference to cover FAO's contribution to the Second Development Decade and the protein problem in relation to the world food supply. It was also agreed to delete the items relating to the plans for the Second World Food Congress and for the World Conference on Agricultural Education and Training, since these could be taken up under the Programme of Work and Budget.


121. The Council emphasized that prompt dispatch of the documentation for the Technical Committees and the Conference Session was essential, so as to allow governments sufficient time to consider the issues involved and brief their delegations adequately.

122. With the above modifications and comments, the Council approved the draft proposals for the organization of the Fifteenth Session of the Conference and the Provisional Agenda, and requested the Director-General to circulate these documents to all Member Nations and Associate Members.

Nominations for Independent Chairman of the Council

123. The Conference at its Fifteenth Session would be required to appoint the Independent Chairman of the Council, the term of office of the present incumbent expiring this year.

124. With regard to the nomination for this office, Rule XXIII-1(a) of the General Rules lay down that the Council determine the closing date for such nominations which must be submitted by Member Nations and addressed to the Secretary-General of the Conference. The Council, accordingly established the deadline for the receipt of such nominations at 18.00 hours on Monday 1 September 1969. Nominations would be communicated by letter to all Member Nations and Associate Members by Monday, 8 September 1969.

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