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From the outset, the improvement of the standards of living of rural populations has been one of the major assignments of FAO, and this aspect of their activities has been one of the main occupations of the various technical divisions. However, the Third Session of the FAO Conference recommended that a separate division should be established to deal with rural welfare activities. While various obstacles have been encountered, this division is now being organized and has started its work.

The Council decides that a standing advisory committee should be set up to take congnizance of the preliminary work that has been accomplished and to advise the Director-General on suitable plans for the future. The Director-General is requested to report to the Council on further developments along these lines.

In this connection, the Council emphasizes the need for obtaining the co-operation of other international organizations which have an interest in rural welfare activities, such as The World Health Organization for rural health and hygiene, The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization for education, and The International Labour Organisation for labor conditions. Representatives of these organizations will be invited to participate as full members in the work of the standing advisory committee.

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