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On the recommendation of the Director-General, the Council approves the following appointments to Standing Advisory Committees, supplementing the membership approved at the First Session:

Forestry and Forest Products: Dr. Hans G. Winkelmann

Nutrition: Prof. J. de Castro (Brazil)
Dr. Hsien Wu (China)

The Council authorizes the Director-General to nominate a member from Latin America for the Standing Advisory Committee on Forestry and Forest Products, subject to confirmation by the Council at its next session.

Rural Welfare: Mrs. Raymond Sayre (U.S.A.)
Mr. Newton de Castro Belleza (Brazil)
Mr. C.C. Liang (China)
Dr. Manuel Gamio (Mexico)
Dr. Carl Taylor (U.S.A.)

The Committee will also include representatives of those United Nations organizations working in allied fields, and particularly UNESCO, WHO, ILO and the Social Commission of the United Nations.

The Council also authorizes the Director-General to nominate additional members, for confirmation at its next session, including one member to represent Scandinavia and one Eastern Europe.

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