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At its Third Session held at Geneva in 1947, the Conference referred the question of the Permanent Site of FAO Headquarters to the Council “for further examination with reference to all possible sites and a recommendation including if necessary, an amendment to Rule XXXII of the Rules of Procedure to be made to the next Session of the Conference”.

In order to implement the above instructions, the Council set up a special Committee which carried out investigations and consultations during the year and submitted to the Council a detailed report with annexes.

After reviewing this documentation, the Council has decided to forward it to the Conference under the following resolution:-


recognizing the desirability of an early decision on the question of the Headquarters site
commends to the Conference the documentation collected and presented by the Site Committee which supplies for the purposes of the Conference detailed information on various possible sites
is of the opinion that Copenhagen, Rome and Washington could most readily be made available and would be suitable for the purposes of FAO.

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